Q: I have questions about the application process. Who may I contact?
A: Please visit our Contact Us page and submit a message. We will respond as soon as possible.
Q: What is the average grant size?
A: Our average grant is around $10,000.
Q: What types of organizations does the UNFI Foundation fund?
A: We will accept grant applications from eligible 501(c)(3) organizations based in the United States.
Q: Does the UNFI Foundation fund global organizations or ones only based in the United States?
A: We cannot fund organizations that are based outside the US, but if your organization is a US-based organization that does work globally, then you may be eligible for a grant.
Q: How can I make a donation to the UNFI Foundation?
A: Please Contact Us and we will be happy to speak with you further.
Q: I'd like to receive a scholarship for the work I'm doing related to organic agriculture. Could I apply to the UNFI Foundation for funding?
A: We do not fund individuals for scholarships; however, if the organization you are applying to would like to determine its eligibility then it may start the process now.